ГДЗ Starlight 11 класс answer section

ГДЗ по Английскому языку 11 класс Баранова К.М., Дули Д., Копылова В.В. Starlight
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Exercise 4 Ask students in closed pairs to complete the task. Read out the list of headings and elicit or explain the meaning of any unfamiliar vocabulary. Ask students to complete the task individually. Ask different students around the class to answer each of the questions. Ask the class to do the task in closed pairs. Complete the first item with the class as an example.

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Exercise 2 Present the rubric and explain that each statement is a paraphrase of what the speaker says, so students should Play the recording for students to listen to as they read the text again.

Комплект учебников Старлайт для 2 и 10 классов включён в Федеральный индекс книг для использования в школах РФ. Elicit or explain the meaning of the terms used. Exercise 3 Read out the quote.

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