ГДЗ по английскому Дроздова english grammar

The Keys. English Grammar. Reference & Practice. Version 2.0
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Упражнения построены по принципу нарастания языковых трудностей и предназначены для студентов начинающих А , продолжающих В и продвинутых С групп. He will be interviewing a foreign delegation at this time the day after tomorrow. He had never seen the sea before. How much time does it take for you to get back home? When did you last go to Canada? Оригинальная сопоставительная методика, опора на родной язык, многообразие примеров и таблиц, более упражнений.

English Grammar. The Keys

Did you see him this morning?

My sister studies at the Medical college. There was no tea in the cup.

It sets in the West. You will be sitting next to me.

Jane draws perfectly well. Are you writing; write; Do you want; 8. The children are now in the theatre.

How often do you go to the Zoo? The flowers were in a beautiful vase.

The school is near our house.

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