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This site offers more than 4, pages of free printable resources for teaching tout va bien скачать учебник and learning English and ESL. Use the activities in exercise 4 or your own ideas. Then ask and answer in pairs. Is it a town or a village?

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Then match what the studentssay with the adverts a-c. Say what the languages are. Na podstawie informacji zawartych w nagraniu przyporzadkuj kaidej wypowiedzi odpowiadajace jej zdanie a—e. Workbook page 19 Pronunciation: Then write sentences describing the sounds using the present continuous.

What hobby do you thinkthe boy is interested in? I How big is the animal? Giving personal adjectives information informationKey phrases: Уровень English Plus 1 — вторая ступень курса английского языка для средней школы,.

We hope you enjoy using. Then choose the correct words in the rules.

More practice co Workbook page 27Rewrite the sentences so they are true for you.

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